Is tile flooring waterproof?

Is tile flooring waterproof?

When you shop most floor tile product lines, you’re most likely to hear the term “water-resistant" rather than waterproof. However, more facts could help you make the perfect decision for your home, so read along with today's post to learn more about this topic.

Your floor tile is important to us

Your tile flooring experience is as important to us as you, and answering your questions is just a part of our service. Today, we’re going to talk briefly about waterproof properties.

After the manufacturing process, tiles are rated for their absorption, giving you different protection levels against water damage. In most cases, the water resistance provided by ceramic is sufficient, as the product has an absorption rate of between 3 and 7%.

Certain porcelains, however, are rated as “impervious,” which means they have an absorption rate of 0.5% or less. These products can easily be placed in areas with much more dampness, moisture, and spill risks without damage. As a result, so be sure to stop by and see them for yourself.

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