Three tips for choosing the ideal tile flooring

Three tips for choosing the ideal tile flooring

You can expect to be surrounded by much beauty when visiting the tile store. Of course, you'll probably want them all but remember, not all tiles are the same.

Choose wisely. The right or wrong type can impact aesthetics and performance.

Understand strength, absorption rates, and porosity

Wall tiles are thinner and more slippery. As a result, they can't withstand the weight of people walking.

Porcelain is ideal for busy rooms (like the kitchen) with heavy foot traffic. Others, such as the 4 X 4 glazed ceramic square, are best for an indoor, moderately busy floor.

Absorption rates affect where and how a floor tile is used. In addition, porous tiles require regular sealing to improve, making them more hygienic and easy to clean.

Examine the room in which it’s to be installed

Pay attention to room dimensions. That determines whether the shape and size will work.

For example, large format tiles can make a space appear larger because of the lack of visual breaks. Alternatively, it can overwhelm a smaller room.

Also, think about how the room is used. Is it wet and steamy? You might prefer something with texture to minimize slippery effects.

Discuss your project with the retailers in our tile shop. They'll guide you to the right ones.

Consider budget

You can always choose a more plain, less expensive tile for a larger square foot area. Then, add a few more highly designed, expensive ones as accents.

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