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Carpet and custom area rugs are a great addition

Even if you’ve never experienced carpet flooring for yourself, there are many reasons why it would be an excellent choice for your home. Consider the luxuriously soft underfoot feel or the outstanding ambiance created by a wealth of colors, patterns, and fiber options, and you’ll see why so many homeowners desire it. The more you know about a material, the better your results, so let’s take the time to find out more about what could become your new floor covering.

What can you do with carpet?

The perfect carpet does a myriad of marvelous things for your home. It starts with a soft and comfortable underfoot feel that is an ideal addition to bedrooms, living rooms, and children’s rooms, where it provides a safe, warm surface that reduces the risk of falls. It also offers plenty of color and design variety, so you can create a décor-matching space that provides ambiance and a trendy feel.

You’ll also be interested to know that some remarkable benefits have been manufactured into carpet fibers as well. Hypoallergenic fibers make this a perfect flooring for allergy sufferers, while built-in stain protection means your floors will look better longer and will always be easy to clean. However, you’ll still get the benefits that have always been a part of this flooring line, such as noise reduction, heat retention, and an excellent lifespan.
Carpet also allows you to create stunning custom area rugs, complete with the option to tailor them to your specific room usage. We can cut them into any shape or size, for the perfect match for game rooms, dens, man caves, and more. Custom binding is the ideal way to finish these products, creating a magnificent and artistic flair for any space. When you’re ready to find out how to choose the carpet or area rug that best suits your needs, visit us at your convenience.

Choose our carpet showroom for your flooring

Sunset Flooring offers an impressive carpet showroom that allows you to personally examine all the materials this line has to offer. And our associates are prepared to share with you all the characteristics that make each product special for you, particularly. We are experienced and ready to answer all your questions concerning attributes, appearance, or installation. If you are a resident of St. George, UT, Santa Clara, UT, Washington, UT, Ivins, UT, Bloomington Hills, UT, Cedar City, UT, Enterprise, UT, || Mesquite, NV, be sure to consider visiting us to find out more about your best carpet flooring.