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Take advantage of a design consultation service

A design consultation service is an invaluable part of any home improvement project, including a flooring upgrade. The design consultant has the expertise to guide you as you compare flooring products. The best texture and color for a room are two elements that must be considered. If you undertake an extensive home renovation, this professional has the product knowledge and design skills to take your ideas and preferences and create a functional and aesthetically appealing space. Sunset Flooring is a flooring store in St. George, Utah, that also offers window coverings, sinks, and more. And we boast a design consultation service.

What to expect

The design consultant brings experience, problem-solving skills, and industry understanding to your project. The consultant has dealt with architectural features that limit product and design choices and a myriad of other problems that may hamper a home upgrade. But good planning can minimize problems. Your flooring and other home products must complement, not contrast, your lifestyle. You'll make good choices with the design consultant's help. Also, you'll have a plan to keep your project within budget. Spending the money you have most prudently leads to project success.

How to help

You can make the most of your time with the design consultant by organizing your ideas and pertinent information about your project. Be prepared to talk about your current home decor and your vision of the remodeled space. Make a 'must-have' list, and be willing to rethink this list after listening to the design consultant's comments about it. You may also want to make a 'definitely not' list. Address problems that have occurred with past projects if they are likely to happen again. Most of all, be open to new products and new design ideas. The design consultant is a 'fountain' of ideas, and those ideas can lead to a satisfying home upgrade.

Locally-owned Sunset Flooring is a full-line flooring company that provides installation services and related home improvement products. We have been bringing top quality products to our service area since 1991. This area includes these Utah communities: St. George, UT, Santa Clara, UT, Washington, UT, Ivins, UT, Bloomington Hills, UT, Cedar City, UT, Enterprise, UT, and Mesquite, NV. We offer an online catalog, chat service, and 'Request an Estimate' form to make it easy to get started with your project. Or visit our showroom in St. George and chat with one of our flooring specialists regarding a design consultation.