Here are three kitchen tile flooring ideas

Here are three kitchen tile flooring ideas

Floor tile is a material line that offers extensive options for every room in your home. And there are so many ways to match your specific decor requirements as well.

Tile is a perfect addition to the kitchen, with impressive features and a long lifespan. With professional installation, you can enjoy an average of 50 years.

Beautiful colors set the mood, and more

Black and white are trending colors in the flooring world, and they work very well together. In kitchens, we can combine them in a checkerboard pattern for great results.

This pattern not only matches any decor. Floor tile also helps to hide dirt and debris between cleanings.

Geometric shapes are hot right now

This flooring line has many trending shape choices that work well in kitchens. Consider hexagon, fan, circle, and triangle shapes for stunning results.

Besides a beautiful shape, you can also incorporate trending colors. This is a great way to layer trends and get an excellent decor match.

Zone certain areas with different tiles

Tile makes it easy to zone off specific kitchen areas for extensive visual appeal. To draw the eye, visit our tile shop to consider a particular pattern beneath tables or around islands.

You can do the same for large spaces in doorways or create a separating effect. There are unlimited ways to use this idea for your kitchen.

We offer the materials you want and need

At Sunset Flooring, we help you create floors you're sure to love, regardless of decor style. There are options to help you make the look and feel you want in your kitchen.

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